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Monthly Archives: SEPTEMBER 2016

Sep 2    Pet Passes


Our residents love to see and visit with their four-legged visitors.
In order for pets to gain access to the facility, the Activities Department needs your pet’s up-to-date shot record for their file. 


On August 30, 2016, The Carriage House of Bay City performed its firs every full facility emergency evacuation drill.

The drill began with the initial call to 911 dispatch, who then notified the Monitor Township Fire Department. The Fire Department arrived two minutes after receiving the call with three trucks. Both services were informed that this was only a drill.

Upon the evacuation notice over the PA system at CHBC, the entire staff began to coordinate the relocation of all residents, medication carts and treatment cards to The Colonnades Assisted Living complex.

We are thrilled to share with you that the performance of the staff far exceeded the expectations for a facility our size. 

It was thought that all residents and important supplies would be moved to The Colonnades in approximately one hour. The Fire Department determined it took a total of 28 minutes to complete the entire evacuation and relocation.

We appreciate the 911 ...