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Monthly Archives: JULY 2017


We have many residents that require occasional or frequent doctor’s office visits. When your loved one requires an office visit, a family member needs to accompany their loved one to the appointment. There are some area doctors who will not see a nursing home resident because many are not "their own person”. The doctors don’t want to talk to our staff; they want to talk to the family or the individual "responsible” for the patient. 

We do realize there are occasions when families are not available. Several residents have families that are located great distances away or out-of-state. We may be able to help with sending a staff member in those situations, but these cases are rare. 

If you are scheduling appointments for your loved one, and the only option is our staff must assist, be certain to notify your loved one’s nurse as soon as the appointment is made.


It’s time for you to return to the Bay City State Park on Wednesday, July 19. Our residents will be able to enjoy an outdoors picnic lunch at the Bay City State Park. We will be serving sandwiches, chips, fruit, dessert, and beverages. All families are welcome to meet us there with your own picnic lunch. Our reserved pavilion is to the left upon entering the park. 

We will begin boarding the bus for the Bay City State Park at 10:45 am. Our return boarding time is expected to be about 1:00 pm. 

No money is required for residents for this picnic style lunch trip. Residents may sign up at Kristi’s door beginning July 3. Residents must be signed up by July 11. We hope to see you there!