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Monthly Archives: JUNE 2016


Fragrances from personal care products have been associated with affecting a person’s health including headaches, upper respiratory symptoms, and shortness of breath. Certain odors, even in small amounts, can cause asthma symptoms.

The Carriage House would like to limit resident and employee exposure to scented personal care products. We realize having a completely fragrance-free environment is unrealistic, but we would like to try to help those that are suffering from aftershave overload and a profusion of perfume. Please help us help them by putting down the eau de parfum before you come to visit.


We have had reports from residents and their family members of missing or lost clothing. We have had even more reports from our laundry staff of clothing that isn’t labeled with a resident’s name so it sits unclaimed in the laundry room.

If you have noticed something missing from your loved one’s wardrobe, PLEASE come check our laundry room at the south end of the west wing. You might find that yellow polka-dot bikini or those blue suede shoes that have been missing for a couple of seasons.