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St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17, honors Ireland’s patron saint that died on that day in 461. Born in Britain to a Roman family; his father servers as a magistrate; his original name was Maewyn. In the early 400's he was taken to Ireland as a slave and then after six years, he escaped to France where he studied for priesthood.

Sent to Ireland as a Christian missionary in 432 by Pope Celestine I, who named him Patricius, which means noble in Latin; he introduced Roman alphabet, Latin literature, and converted Ireland to Christianity.

Small, three-leafed herb appears on United Kingdom’s coat of arms with the English rose, and the Scottish thistle.
Irish Flag
Green stands for Catholics, orange for Protestants and white for wish for harmony.
Are Fairies who work day and night mending shoes of other fairies.
Is a walking stick; the word is Irish for stout oak club or cudgel. Also is ...



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