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Monthly Archives: DECEMBER 2016

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On December 13, the residents of The Carriage House will have the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping at the Bay City Mall.  Family members are encouraged to join us for this event as every resident needs somebody to accompany them.  Residents will begin boarding the bus at 10:30 am  and they are expected to return at 2:00 pm.   

Residents will need to be certain they bring enough money to cover the cost of their lunch in the food court as well as for their Christmas purchases.  Residents that are interested in this outing need to sign up at Kristi’s  door by December 6  so they don’t miss out on this annual shopping tradition. 


Each of the wings (WN, WS, EN, ES, MN, MS) has an emergency exit with a coded lock on it. In the event our phone system is down (caused by severe weather or other reasons), the individual nurse stations can be reached at the following cell phone numbers:

NorthEven 989-213-3217
NorthOdd 989-482-3547
SouthEven 989-482-3719
SouthOdd 989-482-3667

North 989-482-3163
South 989-482-3187

North 989-482-3235
South 989-482-3319