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Monthly Archives: DECEMBER 2015


The December Family Council meeting topic is "Coping with Depression and Anxiety.” This time of year brings great joy to many people; however it can also be a great source of anxiety for many reasons. 

On December 7, 1932 Donnam


To improve the appearance and the functionality of the facility, the Carriage House of Bay City has been working on a nearly yearlong renovation project. The project began with the conversion of seven of the West Wing’s residential rooms. They were converted into two private rooms and two separate day rooms that have a contemporary feel complete with leather sofas, flat screen TVs, and electric fireplaces.

The West Wing also boasts a new open and spacious nurses’ station that greets visitors upon entering the West Wing.

The Carriage Hall (main dining room) has also received a most expansion which includes a section to house the snack and drink vending machines, the ice and water dispenser, and the coffee machine. Some of the chandeliers have been replaced with recessed lighting and fresh paint has been applied throughout the dining room. The new flooring is expected to be installed before the end of the ...