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Monthly Archives: DECEMBER 2014

Dec 13    THANK YOU!

A huge thanks to everyone who made our Annual Bazaar a success!

The Carriage House would like to invite family members to join our Family Council.  This is an opportunity to get family members involved in the facility and will focus on discussing current events happening in facility, presentations on specific subjects (dementia, Parkinson's, hospice, Medicare/Medicaid), and a platform to discuss their concerns and suggestions and solutions.   This will not replace the Resident Council as we believe that residents need that platform as well.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 17th from 6pm-7pm.   McLaren Hospice will be joining us to discuss the role that hospice can play in a residents’ care, when to sign up, and what services they can provide. If interested please RSVP with Jennifer in Social Services by Monday,  December  15th.