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Monthly Archives: OCTOBER 2016


Family members are welcome to meet us at the location of our monthly outings. This month come join us at Johnson’s Giant Pumpkin Farm on the morning of October 12. Located at 4715 N. Portsmouth Rd., Saginaw.

Residents will want to sit out on the colorfully decorated grounds just to enjoy the beauty of an autumn day. Extra spending money can be used to feed the farm animals, visit the craft store, or go to the concessions for a caramel apple. We will be having lunch down on the farm! 


Missing that fabulous new sweater you just bought for your Mom? Is your dad complaining he can’t find his best gardening jeans? The laundry room staff would like to invite you to please visit them at the south end of the west wing to pick up any of your loved ones missing, unlabeled clothing. They have been flooded with residents clothes that are not labeled and do not know to whom they belong.

Don’t forget with the changing seasons comes a change in wardrobe. Time to bring home the short-shorts and take tops and bring back the sweaters and fleece pants.